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Our Team

We have built a team made up of the best-of-the-best in the Hospitality Industry. Our corporate team has been trained to focus on results and to be resourceful to our hotels. 

Performance. It's in our DNA.


Norman Leslie

Norman Leslie

Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Website Photo.png

Sarah Koustrup


Kelly Haas Website Photo.png

Kelly Haas

Director of Asset Management

Jenny Molitor Website Photo.png

Jenny Molitor

Senior Executive Assistant

Del Ahmed Headshot.png

Del Ahmed

Office Manager


Clare Albrecht Website Photo.png

Clare Albrecht

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Daniel Coffin Website Photo (1).png

Daniel Coffin

Senior Regional Director of Sales

Angie Benz Website Photo.png

Angie Benz

Regional Director of Sales

Meghan Witt Website Photo (3).png

Meghan Witt

Regional Director of Sales

Cameron Carlson Website Photo (2).png

Cameron Carlson

Marketing Manager

Ann Wilson Website Photo (1).png

Ann Wilson

Area Director of Sales


Robert Avila Website Photo.png

Robert Avila

Vice President of Operations

Bernie Eckroth Headshot.png

Bernie Eckroth

Area General Manager

Michell Anglemyer Headshot.png

Michell Anglemyer

Regional Director of Operations

Dane Johnston Website Photo.png

Dane Johnston

Senior Business Performance Analyst

John Woody Website Photo.png

John Woody

Regional Director of Operations

Deon Smith Headshot (1).png

Deon Smith

Task Force General Manager

Mat Meadows Headshot.png

Mat Meadows

Regional Director of Operations

Saul Hernandez Website Photo (1).png

Saúl Hernandez

Regional Director of Facilities

Steve Otto Headshot.png

Steve Otto

Area General Manager

Mateo Leslie Headshot.png

Mateo Leslie

Business Analyst

Amanda Smith Headshot.png

Amanda Smith

Area General Manager

Robert Leslie Headshot.png

Robert Leslie

Business Development Manager


Kevin Kragnes Website Photo.png

Kevin Kragnes

VP of Capital Services

Melissa Jahnke Website Photo.png

Melissa Jahnke

Treasury Controller

Elisabeth Jastram Website Photo.png

Elisabeth Jastram

Director of Corporate Accounting

Hayley Schiefelbein Website Photo.png

Hayley Schiefelbein

Accounting Manager

Alex Anderson  Website Photo.png

Alex Anderson

Senior Accountant

Ryan Lund Website Photo.png

Ryan Lund

Treasury Accountant

Ryan Kinzler Website Photo.png

Ryan Kinzler

Accounts Payable

Chaise Howard Headshot.png

Chaise Howard


Eric Becker Website Headshot.png

Eric Becker


Adele Leslie Website Photo.png

Adele Leslie

Accounting Assistant

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