NHS Performance. It’s in our DNA.

You have made an investment – in a hotel, a client, a career. We believe that through an extraordinary team of professionals – with systems and goals aligned with our stakeholder – that amazing results occur. At National Hospitality Services, we work to exceed the needs of our stakeholders. A top-ranked hotel management company based in Fargo, N.D., we have over 80 years’ experience in the hospitality industry. Performance is more than a buzzword – it’s a complete commitment by a team that focuses on results.

Guest Satisfaction

Guest satisfaction is paramount at NHS, and it starts with the right attitude and going Above & Beyond™ that is reflected throughout the whole organization; from the President, to the Front Desk staff, to the server in the restaurant to our housekeepers. It’s a way of life at NHS, where everyone is connected and directed to serve. We don’t just look at Social Media to gauge customer satisfaction, we’re managing expectations by being open and authentic so guests know exactly what to expect.

Guest service doesn’t happen by accident. NHS uses a disciplined approach to find, train and nurture the best talent. We pride ourselves with Best in Class Human Resources.

Guest satisfaction
Sales Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing is the fuel that drives revenue. Many management companies and owners ignore this discipline and hope revenues magically increase. NHS is very different. We incorporate proven methodologies that are results-oriented, geared towards our target markets and drive it home by making sure we achieve the best possible results.

First, NHS analyzes the market, then formulates plans that are personalized and laser focused to the constructing business among all desired market segments. We utilize CRM technology and incorporate Social Media to build and monitor our performance.

We are leaders in RevPar performance. We leverage key relationships and strategic marketing plans to achieve our goals. Our commitment runs deep to boosting your hotel’s visibility out in the ecosystem to maximize performance.

We drive results with aggressive sales management, where we have integrated proprietary sales reporting to track performance. This gives us a point of reference to guide more effectively, to forecast, and set realistic goals that are meaningful and achievable. We don’t stop there…we monitor trends and score opportunities and with lead nurturing we can accelerate them along to close.

Our guided selling approach is a consistently delivered process that reduces the sales cycle and generates sales without all of the hassle. As a trusted advisor we create loyal long-lasting relationships.

“We see many hotels that constantly under perform in RevPar Index based on a lack of a strong Sales and Marketing platform. We will identify the opportunity and act on it to turn a property around.” – Norman Leslie, NHS President

Financial Reporting

It is vital to a company to accurately report the financial status and set a foundation of fiscal responsibility. We think like owners because we are an owner, it’s in our DNA and that goes a long way to understanding the unique financial landscape of NHS Accounting and Finance.

NHS’s proprietary OnTrack™ system of accounting provides unmatched peace of mind for owners. Timely, accurate and meaningful financial reporting that drives ever improving performance at a very affordable cost – NHS OnTrack ™ delivers.

This is an industry where too many owners are taken advantage of with shoddy accounting and no controls. NHS Accounting and Finance is staffed by an amazing team of professional that delivers unequaled standards of accuracy and control.

Financial Reports

Team Management

You’re only as good as your people are and at NHS our team managers are hand-picked not only for their skill sets, management style and ability to balance a daily work load, but also for their attention to detail, their communications skills and ability to cut through the noise and tackle issues to resolve problems. Our Mentor ™ system ensures that our property management teams have a foundation from which to work from. NHSU provides continuing education, to keep managers at the peak of performance and excellent employees to become future leaders.

Our Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are geared towards acquiring maximum revenue and top end valuation. NHS is uniquely qualified to maximize the income and value of hotel assets using dedicated and highly trained management team focused on: Revenue, Expenses, Controls, Service and Condition. Now more than ever, it is crucial to be able to see where you’ve been to best see where you are going.

We are committed to excellence and dedicated to serving and guiding our staff with ease. Our team rise to the occasion and bring their ‘A’ game. Peace of mind means that in the frenzied world of hospitality, your hotel is run by a professional team that rolls up their sleeves and manages with class, dignity, firmness and a smile; that’s the NHS way!

Purchasing and Procurement

NHS fully leverages its massive purchasing power with their vendor partnerships to get the best costs for our clients. Whether it’s for capital assets, food, supplies, merchant services, or equipment, we ensure our clients get the very best value.

Building on a strong purchasing platform, NHS has developed a very strong Procurement division. This makes remodels extremely smooth as we integrate franchise requirements, purchasing and operations to get a great end product with the least possible impact to guest satisfaction and revenue.

“We have strong relationships with the major hotel brands and vendors. This allows us to value engineer and find the best solution for small and large remodels.” – George Harms, Chief Development Officer

procurement purchasing