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The NHS Applause Program is used to recognize and reward our associates who give that extra bit of energy, go that extra mile, and deliver superior guest satisfaction when no one is looking. We strive to give recognition on the spot for their behaviors, actions, teamwork, and positive intent in sometimes challenging situations that directly impact guest satisfaction.


In some ways, the best part of a performance is the applause when you take a bow. Our performance-driven culture recognizes that we are only as good as the players on stage in each of our hotels. Enter stage right: the Applause Program.

Designed to celebrate each employee who give that extra bit of energy, goes that extra mile, and delivers superior guest satisfaction when no one is looking, Applause Cards recognize our talent on-the-spot for behaviors, actions, teamwork and positive intent that drive our business.

Managers, co-workers and guests award Applause Cards, which are used for drawings, newsletter features and other employee recognition events

Recent Applause Highlights

Quality Inn Louisville.jpg
"Incredibly helpful, thoughtful, considerate, even-tempered in crisis, so very helpful in meeting our needs!"

To Linh P.

Quality Inn Louisville, CO

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